Now Toronto Reviews Road Movie

Now Magazine’s published a glowing review by Fran Schecter of Elle Flanders & Tamira Sawatzky (Public Studio)‘s Road Movie, a TIFF Future Projections programme presented by NFB in collaboration with O’Born Contemporary. Schecter gave the exhibition a 5 “N” rating; the highest on Now’s scale. Read the article here.


Join us for the opening reception of Road Movie this coming Saturday, September 10, 2011.

John Monteith’s Lost Highway Reviewed in C Magazine

The latest issue 110 of C Magazine, which was just released this week, features a review of O’Born Contemporary artist John Monteith‘s solo exhibition Lost Highway at O’Born this past December 2010. Writer and critic Rachel Anne Farquharson’s review is thorough and inspired; with the show almost five months past, it resurfaces the lasting, building impression of the exhibition.

Read the review below (click for a larger image), and pick up a copy of the latest issue of C Mag in bookstores around the city or at the issue launch at the Beaver next Wednesday, June 15th. Facebook event here.

Click image to enlarge.