O'Born Contemporary

Following Ou, TED Fellow

Today TED Blog posted an interview with OBC artist Ed Ou. Ou spoke before the opening of TEDGlobal 2012 (June 25 – 29, 2012) in Edinburgh, UK. His lecture covered recent work in photojournalism including activism in Egypt, his role as a documenter and his relationship to organized youth. This, in addition to Ou’s experience as a TED Fellow, was also the topic of the interview with TED Blog. The interview dives into Ou’s photojournalist endeavors of  “Egypt, Somali Civil War, victims of radiation poisoning in the Soviet Union and beyond, capturing moments of beauty and humanity in the midst of suffering and violent revolution” (TED Blog).

Visit the TED Blog here to read the excellent interview with Ed Ou and his interest in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

In anticipation of his solo exhibition this fall, watch The National’s video expose on Ou’s work as a photojournalist online here, and visit his OBC artist page.