O'Born Contemporary


O'Born Contemporary Presents Space Station Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibition curated by Fu Xiaodong

January 31 – February 21, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 31, 2 – 5 PM



Han Jianyu
Meng Site
Shang Chengxiang
Yang Fan

O'Born Contemporary is proud to partner with Space Station Gallery, Beijing in the presentation of an exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists.

Strayed Representation

The artists in this exhibition focus on the exchanges between the things that an image covers and a set of words; the image thus becomes linguistic rhetoric. The artworks are situated between form and content, between the visible and the readable, between imitation and intention; images are blended like texts. Image and text presuppose each other and ensnare each other, thereby becoming a structure full of instability and diversity; these artists have transformed painting into an understanding of the history of painting. These artists also sample from their individual, concrete, partial, and authentic experiences. Based on the reorganization of language and individual experience, artists create extremely personalized systems; through their art, they reinterpret the world and art historical judgment. With the aid of each artist's individualized system, images once again return to the world of language and become representation. They cautiously use representation, capturing an identifiable image through imitation and concealing its original intention, thereby making visible things invisible. The distance and mutual concern between artworks clearly presses out ideological continuity and likeness, such that it echoes, overflows, and soars; it is thought as painting.

In the works in this exhibition, the artists meticulously disassemble the meaning carried by form, then recombine and restructure it. The meaning of form has moved through many hands, becoming a dismantled poem of image and form. Artworks become the presentation of thought, reorganized within an individual logic system. Form crumbles, along with its original and singular symbolic logic, thus subverting the comprehension patterns for viewing paintings in our intellectual structure. Language challenges the explicit features and habitual names of images and complex contradictions empty out the continuity between language and image, ensnaring viewers' minds in the peculiarities of these works. As a result, we expect and believe that this exhibition will be an intellectual journey of visual representation.

about the curator

Fu Xiaodong most recently co-curated 'Through the Body: Lens-based works by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists' at the University of Toronto Arts Centre (UTAC) for Contact 2014.