O'Born Contemporary


The Keepers

Marc Nerbonne, Solo Exhibition

April 5 – May 4, 2013


exhibition statement

The Keepers are those we do not see; they are those who absorb the distress produced by humans through a multitude of unique relationships with Earth's eco-system.

Working with images of animal remains, Marc Nerbonne's creative practice is inversely born out of death. Each painting is composed of his own documented photography of perished animals, an attempt on the artist's behalf to reanimate the creatures and give them new life. A relationship develops between the depicted morbid flesh and its painted surroundings, compelling the viewer to consider the reality of death's everyday proximity to life.

Each painting presented in this body of work exposes a symbiotic tension between humankind and nature that is getting increasingly taut. The sea, from which biology gained its original propulsion, now bears witness to a slowly crumbling kingdom of life.

The Keepers at once presents the misconduct we overlook as we forge ahead with technological progress while poetically lamenting the dearth we leave in our wake. This exhibition aims to mend the binding tie between life forces before it inevitably snaps. In doing so, Nerbonne guides us through the process and potential result of a journey through human behaviour.

about the artists

Montreal-based artist, Marc Nerbonne, obtained a certificate in Arts and Design from the Université du Québec in the Outaouais region. With his works, Nerbonne has been able to make a unique creation that takes the viewer to a search within-to reflection on our society. His works are symbolic and controversial, inverting the role of the predator. Known for his paintings, his sculptures and also his recent interest for installations, Nerbonne participated in many exhibitions across Quebec and Ontario over the past few years. His works are a part of many private and public collections such as Avanti Production and Loto-Québec. Marc Nerbonne is represented by Galerie BAC in Montreal, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa and O'Born Contemporary in Toronto.