O'Born Contemporary



Kal Mansur and Lisa Stinner-Kun

February 5 – March 12, 2011



Construction features work from Canadian Artists, Kal Mansur and Lisa Stinner-Kun.

Mansur's acrylic constructions bring to mind scaled-down architectural models. Empty spaces, walls and blocks are suggested, subtly visible through the semi-opaque acrylic. The minimal compositions are clearly not sketches for proposed spaces though: There is no point of entry, sealed completely on all six sides. The viewer gets just a hint of the interior as available light creates shadows, exposing voids.

Stinner- Kun's images of architecture and spaces undergoing construction elegantly suggest, "a kind of alternate order created through the photograph." The spaces are unfinished or sometimes left- behind. These 'Vague Terrains,' as Stinner-Kun refers to them, are very peculiar. There is a striking tension between the spaces in disorder and the same spaces as areas of invention.

Construction explores the notion of architecture and design, as explored conceptually by Mansur and Stinner-Kun. For this exhibition, the gallery is both an area for display and an entry point into the environments presented by the artists.

"One cannot embrace a building or squeeze a thought, but one can hold his art."

- Quote excerpt, Lumir Hladik